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Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Remembrance 2021

Holocaust Remembrance Programs

Six million Steps

Now through April 11
The Israeli American Council (IAC) would like to invite the JCC community to take part in Six Million Steps, a unique international effort to preserve and perpetuate the memory of the Holocaust and bring attention to the alarming resurgence of antisemitism in the US and around the world. During the period of March 21 through April 11, you can help spread the word to as many people as possible and encourage your community members to walk or run, noting the number of steps they have taken in solidarity on our website. Also, share photos or videos on their social media accounts using the hashtag #6MILLIONSTEPS (or emailed to  For more information, contact

Community-wide commemoration of Yom HaShoah

Wednesday, April 7, 7:00 p.m.
Organized by CRAGSJ and Congregation Shir Hadash, in partnership with Congregation Beth David, Congregation Sinai, Temple Emanu-El, and Jewish Silicon Valley. The link to watch the ceremony: For more information, contact

Santa Clara County Holocaust Remembrance

Thursday, April 8, 7:00-8:15 p.m.
On April 8, the day of Holocaust Remembrance, Santa Clara County Supervisor Mike Wasserman will be sharing via email and social media a recorded interview he has conducted with Henry Estreicher. Henry, father of Congregation Beth David member Deborah Estreicher, is a local Holocaust survivor who will be turning 96 this month. Jane Jacobson, chair of the County Holocaust Remembrance committee of the JCRC, introduces both the Supervisor and Mr. Estreicher to the audience in the video. View interview on YouTube or sign up to receive a link to the video via Supervisor Wasserman’s newsletter.

Sports as a Microcosm of Society: Race and Antisemitism

Thursday, April 8, 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Register to get a free link to watch the movie “Race,” about African American athlete Jesse Owens’ 1936 Olympic battle against white supremacy in Nazi Germany, and then join us for a panel discussion. With the African American Community Service Agency and Jewish Silicon Valley, in observance of Holocaust Remembrance Day. Panelists include Akilah Carter-Francique, Executive Director of the Institute for the Study of Sport, Society and Social Change at SJSU; Rabbi Laurie Hahn Tapper, a social justice educator; Caleb Simmons, SJSU Basketball; and Sara Taubman, UCLA gymnast. The panel will be followed by short break-out discussions. Register here.

Songs of Remembrance:
A Multi-Genre Musical Celebration of Yom HaShoah

Thursday, April 8, 11:00 a.m..-.12:15 p.m.
On Zoom Free with Advance Registration! Register here:

Survivor Talk

Sunday, April 11, 5:30pm

Conversation with Boris Kapilevich, Holocaust survivor:
In the past 25 years, Boris Kapilevich, an 85 years young Holocaust survivor, lives here-in San Jose, with his spouse Larisa Blank. Boris was born in Minsk- Belorussia, and when he was five, his happy childhood ended with the occupation of Minsk by the brutal German soldiers. In his book- SURVIVOR, Boris describes the life of Jews in the Ghetto with the constant fear of being killed by Germans and Russian policemen. Boris and his mother survived the Holocaust, but his older brother, who saved Boris’s life, couldn’t save his own, and was killed in one of the pogroms in the Ghetto. By chance, Boris and his mother escaped from the Ghetto, and after a long search for partisans, they found refuge in one of the Partisan’s detachments. During the war, Boris’s father was in the army, and after the war, he reunited with the family. Join us for a heart to heart conversation with this amazing survivor. For more information, contact

“Yes, we sang” concert/ sing along

Sunday, April 11, 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
“Yes, We Sang!” is a concert/sing-along, featuring songs that were popular among communities decimated in the Holocaust just 70-80 years ago, and songs dedicated to them.