Our Teams


The Administration Committee reviews and suggests policy for Congregation employees. It also assesses insurance and facilities needs for the Congregation and addresses issues concerning the use of the property and premises of the Congregation.

Adult Education

The Adult Education Committee plans and implements a wide variety of programs for adults of diverse ages and backgrounds. These programs promote learning about all aspects of Jewish culture, customs, history, observances, rituals, and texts (ancient and modern), as well as about Hebrew and Israel.
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The Facilities Committee plans and proposes policy for the maintenance and security of synagogue property. They help to maintain an equipment inventory and recommend capital improvements to the property to the Board of Directors. In addition, facilities may interface with providers in getting bids and contracts for remodeling and maintenance work.

Finance Committee

The Finance and Budget Committee manages the financial health of the Congregation. The Committee oversees the creation of the annual budget and delivers monthly reports to budget holders, and the Board of Directors as a whole, regarding performance to income expectations and expense targets. The Committee manages the funds donated to the Congregation and reviews investment options to make sure these funds are secure and productive. The Committee does long range financial planning to ensure that the Congregation has the financial strength to meet its mission objectives; this includes reviews of the dues structure and other fees collected by the synagogue. The Committee works (through the Financial Secretary) to make special arrangements with members who need financial assistance.

Information Technology (I.T.)

The Information Technology Committee helps maintain synagogue I.T. systems, including – but not limited to – email systems, email addresses and distribution lists, away messaging, software upgrade and installation assistance, back-up verification, and maintenance. They also recommend changes and improvements to the administrative staff or to the Board of Directors.

Israel Action Committee

The mission of the Congregation Beth David Israel Action Committee is to spearhead the congregational efforts in bringing Israel closer to the hearts and minds of the congregation, as well as in responding to anti-Israel activities and disinformation. The Israel Action Committee works closely with other parts of Beth David in realizing this mission.

Library Committee

The Library Committee maintains the Robert E. Levinson Memorial Library. We select and purchase new materials, access and catalog books, and update our online database. We welcome your help during daytime or evening hours.
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The Membership Committee works to ensure that Congregation Beth David is a warm and welcoming place for all who enter our doors. We establish programs and activities to bring both congregants and unaffiliated Jewish families to Beth David so that they can experience our wonderful community (kehillah) and develop personal connections. Additionally, we work with our marketing team to create welcoming communications to the Beth David community and beyond.
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Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is appointed each year to recruit new members for the Board of Directors as well as officers for the congregation.

Programming Committee

The Programming Committee plans major events for the congregation, primarily directed toward adults. They also act as a resource for Congregation involvement with the external community.

Ritual Committee

The Ritual Committee oversees all religious aspects of the synagogue. This includes Bar/Bat Mitzvah training, High Holy Days Services, all other holiday services and Shabbat services. The Committee supervises the High Holy Days Committee, which distributes honors and arranges for leaders of the services at Kehillah K’tanah (the alternate High Holy Day). The Committee works closely with the rabbis who also serve on this committee. Members of the Ritual Committee usually are familiar with Jewish ritual and skills, but extensive knowledge of Hebrew and ritual is not required to join the committee.

TIKKUN OLAM – Repairing the world

Congregation Beth David’s mission includes serving the larger community to fulfill the mitzvah of tikkun olam – making the world a better place. Your involvement is the vital element in turning these opportunities into events that provide tangible benefits those in need. Join us and receive the joy of fulfilling a mitzvah!
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We Care

We Care helps ensure that Beth David is a caring community by providing short term assistance to members of our community who have suffered a loss, are ill, or are welcoming a new baby. Volunteers who can provide services like meals, rides or making phone calls make it possible for We Care to help.
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