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“We’ve been members of Beth David for 47 years and deeply appreciate the sense of community, educational opportunities, services, rabbis, and kiddush lunches. Getting involved is easy and rewarding. We’ve met most of our good friends through Beth David.”


“This synagogue has become like a second family to me. Whether it be through high holiday celebrations, lively Purim carnivals, or just learning Hebrew in the classroom with friends, Congregation Beth David has continued to be the supportive and welcoming community I love. As I graduated from PJ Shabbats, to Youth Services, to leading prayers for the whole congregation, I constantly appreciate all of the opportunities and memories that my synagogue brings. Not to mention, the delectable bagels and cream cheese after services :)”


“It’s all about community.  My closest friends are members of the Beth David community.  The people I like to interact with and like to be around, are members of the Beth David community.  Many people want to connect with me over social media for business or academic reasons, but at Beth David, I can be assured that none of these things matter. I’m just a member of the congregation and the community. I can be just me.”



“I have attended a rich variety of programs at Congregation Beth David. I have enjoyed participating in many Women’s groups lunches and dinners. I also appreciate the opportunities for social action and community involvement. I have so many wonderful memories of my children growing up here as they learned, prayed, and played with other children. And now we are fortunate enough to be able to see our grandchildren running with joy on the bima on Shabbat mornings.”


“Congregation Beth David has been a second home for Ann and me for over 40 years. We daven here; we raised our sons here; we have taken our turns at lay leadership positions. Most important is the example Beth David provides of applying Jewish values to communal life. The world has changed a lot, but at Beth David we approach change carefully, deliberately, contemplatively. Everyone gets a say. Few get everything, but even fewer go away mad. That speaks worlds about our leadership and culture. It’s refreshingly different from the fractured world outside. I think that example helps our families with their own dynamics. It’s a good place. I value every minute here.”


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Nathan Handelsman

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