Board of Directors

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President Wendy J. Glasser  Director At Large Bonnie Slavitt
Executive VP Susan Greenberg-Englander Director At Large Ann Tavan
VP, Administration Ron Ruebusch Director At Large Hanna Firman
VP, Education Rhonda Farber  Director At Large Daniel Kahn
VP, Finance Michael Leitner Director at Large Rivka Shenhav
VP, Membership Nathan Handelsman Director at Large Neil Shapiro
VP, Ritual Madelyn Isaacs Director at Large  Elizabeth Batson
Recording Secretary Michael Bierman Director at Large Susan Levine
Treasurer Bob Bankirer Director at Large George Mednick
Financial Secretary Stephen Kinsey Director at Large Jennifer Orin
Immediate Past President Elizabeth Menkin Director at Large Allison Ruebusch
    Director at Large Steve Schleimer
    Beth David Women Jane Jacobson
    Men’s Club Art Singer

Please contact the Beth David office at (408) 257-3333 or email if you would like to contact a Director at Large.