Board of Directors

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Board Positions




Nathan Handelsman
Contact for Coffee Chat 


Immediate Past President

Wendy J. Glasser


Executive Vice President



Vice President, Administration

 Daniel Kahn


Vice President, Education

 Art Singer 


Vice President, Finance

Bill Beyda


Vice President, Membership

Susan Greenberg-Englander


Vice President, Ritualhttp://Susan Greenberg-Englander

Rivka Shenhav



Michael Bierman



 Hanna Firman


Financial Secretary

Stephen Schleimer

Building Usage / Rental Support

Director at Large

Ginny Baird

Programming Support

Director at Large

Joseph Bendahan

Outreach Programs / Scholarship Oversight

Director at Large

Bonnie Slavitt

Donations / Donor Recognition / 60th Coord.

Director at Large

Neil Shapiro


Director at Large

Bonnie Hirsch

Young Families Havurah / Programs

Director at Large

Leah Newman

Marcom (Marketing)

Director at Large

Wendy Askenas

Volunteer Coordinator

Director at Large

Irene Spector

Special Projects

Director at Large

Frank Yashar

Special Projects

Director at Large

Cathy Beyda

Young Adults Havurah/ Advisor

Auxiliary Representative

Howard Gannes


Please contact the Beth David office at (408) 257-3333 or email if you would like to contact a Director at Large.