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At The Shul

We’re Glad You’re Here

At Congregation Beth David we extend a warm welcome to everyone – families, singles, seniors, young adults, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and households with mixed ethnic, racial, religious and/or cultural backgrounds.

Our spiritual home is open to anyone who is interested in celebrating, exploring, and growing in the Jewish faith in any dimension, from attending our traditional and alternative Shabbat services to religious study programs, concerts, lectures and more. Our members come from throughout the South Bay and beyond. We so look forward to meeting you soon, and until then, Shalom!

Building Access

All Beth David members may have an access card issued to them to access the building during regular hours.  If you don’t have your card yet, please fill out the form found here. Please use one form for EACH person requesting a card.

Listen Everywhere

Use your cell phone as an assisted listening device with the Listen Everywhere system! Follow the steps below:

  1. Connect to the CBD AUDIO wifi. The password can be seen in the Admin Office window.
  2. Download the Listen Everywhere app
  3. Launch the Listen Everywhere App
  4. Tap the “SCAN” Button
  5. Skip ad
  6. When Beth David’s screen comes up, you’re connected!
  7. Make sure your headphones are connected to your phone.
  8. Select your channel to hear audio.

Coffee, hot chocolate and Tea Bar

We invite all members and guests (13 years and older) to help themselves to coffee, hot chocolate or tea from the beverage area located off of the Mercaz by the Memorial Alcove. The beverages are free, but we do ask for a small cash donation to be placed in the box provided. We also accept donations of Keurig cups, tea or flavored syrup. Product donations can be dropped in reception. The beverage bar is solely funded through cash and product donations. Please help keep this warm and welcoming service going!