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There is no question, our community is caring and strong!

Dear Friend,

It is hard to believe that we have been physically distant for more than two weeks and there are still several weeks ahead.  I have been amazed by how quickly Congregation Beth David has been able to become a virtual community.  There are regular gatherings, classes, and services happening every day.  There is a team of people calling those who are particularly vulnerable and isolated, and others who are picking up groceries for those who cannot leave their home.  Community is about the strength of these bonds, and there is no question, our community is caring and strong. 

I encourage you to take advantage of our multiple offerings – please see the Beth David calendar for Zoom information:  There, you will find links to Shabba-Tot, Minyan, Shabbat Services, lectures, classes, lunches and more.

If you would like a Zoom tutorial, a phone call from one of our members, groceries, or a video chat or phone call with me, (one-on-one or with your partner and/or family), please contact Jillian Cosgrave:  

Passover begins next week, and it is not too late to RSVP ( to the Beth David second night seder on Thursday, April 9, 6-8:30 pm. More information can be found here.

For all Passover related information, go to

Virtually together, we will celebrate and ask (although the answer is obvious) “How is this night different from all other nights?”

As we navigate the days and weeks ahead, we will continue to physically distance while staying socially connected.  Please join us on Zoom or by phone, and please continue to check in on your loved ones using a video chat app or the phone.  It is so very important that we stay safe and connected.

I look forward to ‘seeing’ you, and I wish you a happy, healthy, sweet Passover.

Rabbi Jaymee Alpert