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Save a Life Campaign

donate to Save a Life Fund for Israel

You can help Israeli soldiers as they continue Operation Iron Sword to respond to the horrific terrorist attacks of October 7th, defend Israel and save Israeli lives. Despite Israel’s best efforts, many traumatic injuries to Israeli soldiers & civilians are inevitable.  Your donation  will bring specialized hemorrhage control tourniquets quickly to battle positions and medical professionals in Israel to save lives.

Designed by a field doctor based on real world experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, these specialized tourniquets have proven to save lives. They have been used in trauma environments arounds the world — most recently in Ukraine.

By donating to the Save a Life fund , you’re contributing to the immediate purchase of these life saving devices which will be – as quickly as humanly possible – delivered to Israel. They are manufactured and assembled in the USA. The first batch arrived in Israel last week and is already in the field.

How to donate
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Questions? See FAQs below.
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Q: How much of the donations to this campaign are paying for devices vs. being used for overhead and/or administration?  
A: 100% of funds raised via this campaign are being used to purchase these life saving devices.  This has been made possible through the donation of time and resources by Beth David congregants and other members of the greater Jewish community.

Q: What makes these hemorrhage tourniquets special?
A:  This device has been proven to stop the most severe bleeding in over 70 peer-reviewed publications. It was designed on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan and is now in use in Ukraine and in Israel. The device is the only product that can stop severe bleeding in upper junctional injuries, lower junctional injuries, pelvic bleeding and it can be used as a pelvic stabilizer. The attached clinical summary details the supporting evidence.

Q: Why not donate to an existing charity that’s raising funds for Israel?
A: All charities are busy with conflicting priorities.  Most cannot actually execute what this campaign is designed to do: get life-saving devices directly to troops and medical end points ASAP.

Q: Is this legitimate?
A: Compression Works has been around for over a decade. Its hemorrhage control product has been sold to the U.S. Military, other militaries and first responders in over 23 countries.

Q: Is this medical device FDA approved?
A: Yes, the device is FDA approved in five broad categories and more are in the works.  Read most recent press release

Q: How do we know that the product, once purchased, will arrive to the point of need?
A: Other investors and employees of Compression Works have done the extensive work of locating IDF officers and field personnel.  There is also an ongoing campaign to contact Israeli hospitals and medical providers (ex. first responders).


Q: How will product training be delivered?
A: The product is very easy to understand and simple to use for medical professionals. Compression Works staff, including its founder who is an ER doctor, will take responsibility for providing live video based training.  There are also recorded video tutorials in multiple languages that will be made available.

Q: How long does the device take to apply?
The device can be applied in under 60 seconds.

Q: How did we find Compression Works?
A: Gene Tenberg, who has been a Beth David member since 2008, is an investor in the company and is making a sizeable donation to support the purchasing of the product along side other donors.

Q: How will we be able to know that the product got to the right destination?
A: Product will be tracked down to the serial number of each unit through to its final destination point. Documentation supporting the final disposition will be secured; in some cases we will have to remove compromising information given war time realities.

Q: How much does this product cost and are we getting a discount?
A: This medical device retails for $495.  Compression Works is selling the device to the Beth David campaign at its discounted humanitarian price consistent with other war zones. The Company is also paying for all shipping costs to a secure location in Israel.

Q: I have a contact within the IDF  a hospital or Civilian Defense that I would like to get this device to.  How do I make that happen?
A: Please provide contact information to Gene Tenberg via email at and he will get your contact on the list to receive product.

Q: Can I get more information about the company and product?
A: Yes, please visit