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Parashat Behar-Behukotai – May 20, 2017

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Candle lighting Friday, May 19th, 7:55 p.m.

Friday Evening 6:30pm
Shabbat Morning 9:30am 

Parashat Behar-Behukotai 
24 Iyyar 5777/May 20, 2017
Trienniel Cycle Year I:  Leviticus 25:1-38
Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 738
Haftarah, Jeremiah 16:19-17:14, p. 763

  1. (25:1-7) The land shall be sanctified by means of the sh’mittah, the sabbatical year, a year of agricultural rest every seven years.
  2. (25:8-13) Every 50th year is a Jubilee. All land and slaves are to be released. The land returns to its original owners and the Hebrew slaves are freed.
  3. (25:14-17) Therefore, no land is sold forever. In effect, it is a lease until the next Jubilee, which must be reckoned in the price.
  4. (25:18-22) A promise that the faithful observance of these laws will be rewarded with ample crops in the sixth year of the seventh cycle, so that there will be enough food for two years.
  5. (25:23-28) Even between Jubilee years, families are obligated to help impoverished relatives regain their holdings.
  6. (25:29-14) Laws related to the Jubilee year, which came every 50 years, when all land is returned to its original owners.
  7. (25:35-38) The commandment to help an Israelite or resident alien who becomes impoverished, by loaning him money at no interest.


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Sunday, June 11
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