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Rosh Hashanah Day 1
Saturday, September 16,  NEW TIME 11:00am  -12:00pm
Led by Shifra Elman, Dean of Jewish Studies, Kehillah High School
Utilizing sources from the Torah, rabbinic commentary, and some contemporary sources, instructor Shifra Elman will conduct a discussion session on Bein Adam L’Atzmo, on the relationship we cultivate with ourselves and each other, with the understanding that we are made B’tzelem Elokim, in the Image of God.


Yom Kippur
Monday, September 25,
12:00  – 1:00pm
Led by Shifra Elman, Dean of Jewish Studies, Kehillah High School
lnstructor Shifra Elman will explore a Heschelian view of the 13 attributes God, a new approach to revelation, and lead a discussion on the Jewish people’s evolving and maturing relationship with God and God’s maturing relationship with the Jewish people.

About Shifra Elman

Shifra Elman studied at Yeshiva University’s Stern College for Women for her undergraduate degrees in Judaic Studies and English Communications. She then got her masters in Social Work with a concentration in community organizing from Wurzweiler’s School of Social Work. After a year volunteering with Americorps, she moved to the Bay Area to work for Hillel at Stanford as Director of Jewish Life and Learning. Innovations in Jewish life, practice, and thought have been at the forefront of her work and continue to be an essential part of her practice.

Shifra is chiefly interested in studying the things that made it into the Jewish canon along with some apocryphal works through various lenses such as feminism, historical context, literary criticism, poetic narrative. Her work at Kehillah is focused on co-creating a department that offers a well-rounded education in Jewish Studies for all students.