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Membership Outreach During These Times of Self-isolation

We have a few volunteers already making calls but need your help to reach over 500 families and members living alone.  Just calling five people each weekday would be a big help and be an impactful connection for you both. Here is a message from our Membership VP:

Dear Congregants,

First and foremost, I hope you are all doing well as we all navigate such a unique experience of self-isolation for each and every one of us to remain healthy.

I want to take a moment to personally THANK each and every CBD VOLUNTEER who has been making calls; shopping for others and attending ZOOM services (and happy hours) to remain connected.  Thank you!

Starting today, we will have an additional volunteer making calls and reaching out to our congregants.  My daughter, Erin Handelsman (12), asked how to help.  Erin is a premier soccer goalie; she is a Star BSA Scout and her goal is to become one of the youngest female Eagle scouts; she has a great sense of humor.  So take a few minutes when Erin is reaching out and share jokes, stories or ask her questions.  I bet each of you will learn a bit more about one another as we all pass the time together.

If you know other teens, or adults, who would like to join the phone calling tree, please ask them to reach out to Wendy at or me at  We have 200+ congregants who are over 75 years young.  Please continue social distancing; washing hands often and Zoom into some of the wonderful social hours and services hosted by our Congregational leadership and staff.

Todah Rabah,
Nathan Handelsman
VP Membership