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Welcoming a New Life
Brit Milah and Baby Naming

The arrival of a new baby is a cause for rejoicing, not only by the immediate and extended family, but also by the Congregation and the community at large. A new child represents a world of possibilities and promise, and everyone at Beth David is happy to share in this simcha (joyous occassion). The ceremony for either a Brit Milah (ritual circumcision) or Baby naming for a girl, may take place wherever the family feels most comfortable, whether in the home, hospital or on the bima during a service. Email 


The celebration of a B’Mitzvah represents represents a transition point in a child’s Jewish life.  It is an opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge that a child has gained through formal education as well as the beginning of new personal and communal Jewish responsibilities. Congregation Beth David’s B’Mitzvah program.

Working with the Clergy

An engaged couple who wish to be married by one of Beth David’s Rabbis, whether at the synagogue or at another location, should contact the Office at least 6 months in advance to secure the date and confirm  availability. Email


On the Shabbat prior to a wedding, many couples request an Aliyah during the Torah Service, after which, the Rabbi gives the couple a special blessing and the congregation claps and sings “Mazal Tov.” The Office needs advance notice in order to schedule this honor. Email

Conversion Classes

If one partner is not Jewish by birth, but intends to convert to Judaism prior to the wedding, the Rabbi can facilitate this conversion through classwork, individual counseling, and Mikveh arrangements. Email

Compassion and Caring

Congregation Beth David is proud of the many ways in which members are encouraged to reach out to each other – in times of joy and in times of trouble. Several committees organize informal caretaking activities for families to provide a sense of support and community during a sorrowful time.

We Care

We care focuses on making the Congregation a resource for healing. We are a group of congregants dedicated to assisting other congregants in time of need and facilitating opportunities for mitzvot. These activites include providing dairy or parve meals for families with a new baby, for individuals returning home after a hospitalization, for someone recovering from an extended illness, or for families sitting Shiva. We Care also arranges transportation to doctors’ appointments for those who do not have transportation, and calls to individuals on the mishaberach list to counter their feelings of isolation. Email
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Bikkur Cholim

The Bikkur Cholim committee has existed for many years, and focuses on volunteer visits to the sick in hospitals and at home. Email

Hevra Kadisha

Beth David assists a family who has suffered the loss of a loved one. This includes connecting the family with local funeral homes and mortuaries, support for funeral arrangements and arranging shiva minyanim (services for the bereaved). Email

Congregation Beth David Memorial Garden

In 2000, Beth David purchased land at the Oak Hill Cemetery and established a congregational cemetery, the Beth David Memorial Garden. for information on purchasing plot(s) Email

Holding Your Life Cycle Event at Beth David
General Guidelines

Beth David welcomes the opportunity to participate in Life Cycle Events of our members. Events are held in the Social Hall of the synagogue. The laws of Kashrut apply to all food service arrangements, and, if the event is held during Shabbat, entertainment is to be in keeping with the observances of the day. Specific guidelines are available in the Beth David Office. Email


It is important to reserve the Social Hall well in advance to avoid conflicts with other uses of the reception area and the kitchen. Reservations are made through the Beth David office. Email

Catering Services

All caters must be approved. Please see our list of approved Vendors. See Kashrut Guidelines  For more information, please email Barbara Biran, Director of Operations and Ritual.