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Balk Family Memorial Camp Scholarship Fund

Are There Youths in Your Life Needing a Bit of Inspiration on Their Jewish Journey?

The Balk Family Memorial Camp Scholarship Fund can help. The scholarship fund perpetuates the memory and ideals of Beth David members Sheldon and Melvina Balk and their sons, Richard and David Balk and is intended to capture and light the spirit of Judaism in our youth, especially those who may seem apathetic about Jewish activities.

We are now accepting nominations for summer 2021 resident camp.  Please call Chuck Taubman at 408-594-5179 for additional information and to learn how to submit nominations.

Please remember these are not merit-based scholarships.  We offer substantial aid, not based on academic results or activities, but, rather, to awaken a student’s Jewish identity.  We give preference to Beth David first time campers.  The amount we disburse depends upon donations to the Fund and current interest. 

Predicting the future in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic is a risky venture.  How long will the shelter-in-place orders remain in effect?  Will our summer camps be allowed to open?  If so, how many parents will feel comfortable enrolling their children in a residential camp?

Given these uncertainties, and recognizing that many parents are focusing on other matters, we are not setting a nomination deadline at this time.  When we can confidently answer these questions, we will do so, with adequate notice to those seeking financial assistance for their campers.