Shabbat Morning

All of the page numbers listed for the prayers below refer to Siddur Lev Shalem. These are currently the most frequently used melodies at Congregation Beth David however they are not the only ones.


Pg 103: Birkot HaShahar
Pg 112: Psalm for Shabbat
Pg 122: Barukh Sh’amar
Pg 136: Ashrei (Silent)
Pg 141: Psalm 150

SHAHARIT – this list is NOT inclusive of all the leader parts

Pg 147: Shokhen Ad
Pg 148: Hatzi Kaddish
Pg 149: Barkhu
Pg 150: Yotzer Or
Pg 150: Ein K’erk’kha
Pg 151: El Adon
Pg 153: L’El Barukh
Pg 153: Or Hadash
Pg 154: Ahavah Rabba
Pg 155: Shema & V’ahavta
Pg 156: Vayomer
Pg 158: Motzi Asirim
Pg 158: Mi Kamokha & Tzur Yisrael
Pg 159: Avot (v’lmahot)
Pg 160: Gevurot
Pg 161: Kedushah
Pg 167: Kaddish Shalem


Pg 168: Ein Kamokha
Pg 168: Vayihi Binsoa
Pg 170: Bei Ana Rahetz
Pg 171: Shema/Ehad/Gadlu
Pg 171: L’kha Adonai
Pg 172: Blessing Before Torah Reading
Pg 172: Blessing After Torah Reading
Pg 175: Blessing Before Haftarah
Pg 175: 1st Blessing After Haftarah
Pg 175: 2nd Blessing After Haftarah
Pg 175: 3rd Blessing After Haftarah
Pg 175: 4th Blessing After Haftarah
Pg 181: Ashrei
Pg 183: Y’hallelu-Hodo Al Eretz-Mizmor L’David
Pg 184: Uvnuho Yomar-Eitz Hayim He


Pg 184: Hatzi Kaddish
Pg 185: Avot (v’lmahot)
Pg 186: Gevurot
Pg 187: Kedushah
Pg 203: Kaddish Shalem


Pg 204: Ein Keiloheinu
Pg 205: Aleinu
Pg 211: Adon Olam


Pg 77: V’Shamru 
Pg 77: Al Ken Veirakh
Pg 77: Kiddush – Blessing over Wine
Pg 77: N’tilat Yadaim – Blessing for Ritual Washing of Hands
Pg 77: Motzi – Blessing over Bread

Download Siddurim

The Rabbinical Assembly has made pdfs of the siddurim available for download. Please note that these are for your use. While you may share the link, please do not post the pdfs anywhere. Before downloading you will be required to complete their information request