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Save a Life Campaign Update

December 28, 2023

Medics trained on use of device

We continue to make rapid progress in supplying hemorrhage control devices to Israel and accelerating their adoption.   While we cannot bring back the dead, we are trying to save lives of those who might otherwise perish from traumatic injuries.  Since the last update, a trauma team at a major hospital in Tel Aviv has become a focal point for training and distributing our hemorrhage control devices.  Multiple doctors and trauma surgeons have asked for trial devices.  Several devices were also delivered to a northern Israel hospital that was just upgraded to a Trauma 1 Center.  This is the highest trauma category designed to treat the most ill and injured patients.

In order to keep shipping costs down, a colleague recently travelled to Tel Aviv where she delivered about 20 large duffle bags of winter clothing for Israeli troops.  She also delivered our hemorrhage control devices to multiple hospitals around Israel who were anxiously expecting them.  It’s truly rewarding to actually see the faces of Israelis receiving our donated devices; some photos are attached.  Separately, we’ve made suitable contacts within EL AL to reduce the high expense of air shipping devices via traditional air shippers such as  DHL, Fedex and UPS.

Emergency room doctor in North Israel receiving donated devices

For those with medical interest in these hemorrhage control devices, an excellent presentation was recently delivered out of the United Kingdom.   It’s available here. Please note that the video discusses and graphically presents images of severe war wounds.


EMS/ER/Trauma 52
Military/Police/Counterterror 43
Total 95


Thank you for your continued interest and support for this campaign.  Please consider donating or adding to your previous contribution by clicking here.  Our goal is to substantially increase the distribution of these life savings devices as quickly as possible now that we have a foothold in Israel.

Thank you for your attention and support.

Emergency room doctor in Tel Aviv receiving donated devices

Gene Tenberg,
Campaign Organizer