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Themes for Each Year

Click on any year for an overview of that year’s curriculum.
  • Pre-Gan/Gan: The Journey of the Jewish Year
    Aleph: The Journey into the Jewish Story
  • Bet: Mitzvot u’Middot: Responsibility and Values as Guideposts on the Journey
  • Gimmel: Holidays and Values
  • Dalet: Jewish Lifecycle/ My Personal Jewish Journey
  • Hey: History and Community: Jewish Journeys in Time and Space
  • Vav: My Jewish Journey: My Torah, My Avodah, and My Gemilut Hasadim
  • Zayin: Hineini Here I Am, The Journey to Jewish Adulthood
  • Teen Learning: Post Bnei-Mitzvah students will join Rabbi Roller Wednesday evenings (6pm to 7pm) to discuss topics that they have identified as important to them. Students will look at traditional texts and see how they might inform these contemporary issues and current events.

Note some classes may be combined and therefore alternate themes every other year.