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Surveying Kehillah Ketanah participants: Thinking about 5775 (already!)

Dear friends,

Believe it or not, we are beginning to think about High Holy Days for 5775! In an effort to gain a better understanding of our needs as a community, we would like to ask you to take a minute to complete the following survey. This survey is geared towards our congregants who perennially make Kehillah Ketanah (the parallel service held at Ascension Church) their High Holy Day home. Your responses will help guide us in assuring that we continue to meet your needs and desires during the holiest time of the year.

As we stated last Spring when it became evident that Kehillah Ketanah would not be an option for us in 5774, we do not plan to move away from this service during the upcoming year or in the future. We do want to check in and determine if the service and experience remain meaningful and important to a significant constituency of our Kehillah (congregation). We are hopeful that this survey will provide us with data that indicates the scope of Kehillah Ketanah’s relevance and importance as a part of the CBD High Holy Day Experience.

Thank you in advance for participating in the survey!