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Save a Life Campaign Update

November 22, 2023

I want to start this update with “Shalom.”  I hesitate because, as you likely know, shalom means peace.  There’s no peace right now in Israel or Gaza.  Given the IDF’s objective of eliminating Hamas, peace is likely not in the cards for some time.  Almost everyone in Israel knows someone who’s been touched by death — either from the massacre of 10/7 or from the ensuing war. We wish for shalom, peace, but we aren’t there yet.

Your donation to our Save a Life Campaign puts hemorrhage control devices (called AAJT-S) into the hands of first responders where they can save lives. Thank you for helping with this important campaign!

Our campaign began on November 1st to urgently get lifesaving AAJT-S devices directly where they are most needed in Israel.

Our progress so far:
  • Devices now in Israel — 55
  • Devices with first responders — 23
  • Number of endpoints (military units / EMS units / hospitals) with devices — 8
  • Training sessions planned this week – 2

I’ve been asked not to name people or locations where units are being sent for security reasons. However, I can say they include several of the most elite IDF and counterterrorism units, as well as Magen David Adom (MADA / EMS) helicopter evacuation teams. The commanding physicians at these units have all written or called to express their deep gratitude for the donations, even in between highly sensitive missions. I’ll be happy to share details in more peaceful times.

The team that’s collaborating to bring these life saving devices to Israel is working with various decision makers in the IDF and aligned aid initiatives.  Our primary objective is to rapidly get devices to endpoints that are suited to incorporate new medical technologies like AAJT-S and provide immediate training.

Thank you for your continued interest and support for this campaign.

Gene Tenberg,
Campaign Organizer