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Rotating Safe Car Park

A Few Words From Rivka Shenhav, Our Rotating Safe Car Park Coordinator

Dear friends,

As in past years, Beth-David is partnering with WestHope Presbyterian Church in Saratoga to host the Rotating Safe Car Park (RSCP) program in May. WestHope will provide our guests with their beautiful facility (one of the preferred spots for our guests!) and we bring the volunteers to operate the program, the supplies and most importantly – the caring.

 Sign Up to Volunteer

It’s has been a very challenging year to all of us as well as to our Safe Car Park guests. It has been a long haul where the program relied heavily on a small core of volunteers to carry it through. As more of us and our guests are getting vaccinated, it is my great hope that by the beginning of May, more of us will feel comfortable volunteering to help with the running of the program. Note that since the beginning of the pandemic, we have held the strictest standards of safety as recommended by the state and county and none of our volunteers nor any of our guests were infected. Even though we expect that most of our volunteers and guests will be vaccinated, we plan to keep the same high standards of Covid-19 safety to guarantee everyone’s safety. Still, as we do make sure that anyone working with our guests is fully trained, we prefer to have volunteers that are willing to cover at least 2-3 shifts during the month.

We are planning to offer our guests morning and evening hospitality (except for Saturday morning) and two hot meals a week. I have created a SignUp page where you can see all the roles that we need to fill. I invite you all to peruse the list and sign up for whichever roles that you feel comfortable filling. We do (desperately) need the help of as many of you as we can find and I am counting on it.

I am looking forward to working with you as in pre-pandemic (antediluvian :)) years.

BeTodah Ubivrachah (with thanks and blessings)

Rivka Shenhav
RSCP Coordinator, Congregation Beth David