News from Israel 5/22 (Demo)

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No. 99, May 22, 2019 
The “Settlements”: Israel’s legal right or road-block to peace? Beth David Israel Action Committee presents a talk by David Meir-Levi “The “Settlements”: Israel’s legal right or road-block to peace?” (2nd talk in the series “Myths and facts about Israel”). The talk will take place at Congregation Beth David on Tuesday, July 2, 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm. RSVP
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Everything you ever wanted to know about Israel at 71. As Israel celebrates its 71st anniversary, ISRAEL21c brings you a fascinating statistical snapshot of this remarkable country.

Tel Aviv hosts Eurovision 2019. Israel very much went all in for a week-long event, building a Eurovision village on a beachfront Park, where Eurovision fans could soak up the atmosphere, enjoy food stalls and special live events at night. With 26 entrants fighting to win the crown, thousands of Israelis and tourists attended the event.

Rivlin gives Netanyahu two-week extension to form government. President Reuven Rivlin gave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu two more weeks to form a coalition. Netanyahu asked Rivlin for the extension until May 29, as the Likud has yet to sign coalition agreements with any of its potential partners.

Number of Arab Israelis studying high-tech doubles since 2012. With workers in high demand, Israeli students have been drawn to tech studies, with the sharpest increase by far seen in the Arab community. According to the data, in 2018, Arab students studying high-tech subjects for BA degrees make up 12% of the total number, compared to 2012, when they were 8% of the total.

Israeli city to name square after Donald Trump. A square in the central Israel city of Petah Tikvah will be named after President Donald Trump, the city’s mayor announced. He said that he decided to name the square adjacent to City Hall for the US president because of “his unqualified support for the State of Israel.”
PA admits all Palestinian terrorists ‘receive orders from us’. Top Palestinian Authority officials explained that the PA is “obligated” to pay salaries to 6,000 imprisoned Palestinian terrorists, and to the families of suicide bombers and other so-called “martyrs,” because they were “soldiers” who had been “sent” by the PA and acted out of “national interest, and not for personal reasons.” Most significantly, they “received orders” from the Authority.

‘BDS is antisemitic,’ rules German Bundestag in landmark vote. In a landmark vote, the German Bundestag ruled that the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement is antisemitic, calling on German Federal offices and bodies not to collaborate in any way with events that advocate to boycott or delegitimize the Jewish state.

Jews more likely than Christians to be critical of Trump’s Israel policy. According to astudy by the Pew Research Center, fully 42 percent of American Jews say Trump “favors Israelis too much.” A slightly higher 47% say he has struck “the right balance” between Israelis and Palestinians. Meanwhile, only 26% of Christians said Trump favors Israelis too much, while 59% said he has found the “right balance.”

Anti-Zionist imam delivers opening prayers in US House. An imam who has wished for the end of Zionism, called for a third Intifada and likened Israel to Nazi-era Germany delivered the opening prayer for a session of the US House of Representatives recently. Representative Lee Zeldin of New York, who is Jewish, said in a statement that inviting Suleiman to deliver the opening prayer was a “terribly bad call.”

Pelosi calls Israel ‘our most serious friend’ in the Middle East. “The creation of the State of Israel was “one of the greatest accomplishments of the 20th century,” U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) said, as Israel was celebrating 71 years of independence. “Israel, we have shared values. Our friend in the Middle East for a long time – our only friend, our most serious partner in the Middle East”, she added.
Culture and Lifestyle
Eurovision 2019: Postcards Mashup (Dancing Israel)Watch the 2019 Eurovision artists as they dance their way across Israel!

Tel Aviv to host world’s largest vegan food festival. Vegan Fest will take place at Tel Aviv’s Sarona complex from June 6 to 7 and according to the organizers it will be the largest such festival in the world. Vegans are those who consume no meat, dairy, fish or eggs. Over 50,000 people are expected to attend the festival which will feature 37 stalls with 26 local restaurants in participation.

Video: “The new Hebrew”. The band “Hatikva 6” has released a new song challenging the English and foreign slang used often when speaking Hebrew. Check out their great and satirical lyrics here! While knowing Hebrew is needed to fully appreciate the humor in the song, its catchy tune will be understandable to everyone.

Abortion in Israel. As abortion fight heats up in the US, in the Jewish state, abortion is noticeable perhaps for the very absence of debate over it. In Israel, abortion is legal, easily accessible and state-funding for it is widely accessible, although the state nevertheless does not automatically grant the right to terminate a pregnancy.
Science and Technology
Israeli company promises a 5-minute recharge for your electric car. Currently, electric-car range is limited and recharging the battery can take from 45 minutes to several hours. Israeli startup StoreDot aims to jumpstart the electric vehicle revolution by recharging batteriesin just 5 minutes. Manufacturing likely to begin by 2022.

Israel ranked 2nd most innovative nation in world. Israel is the second most innovative nation in the world, ranked just after the U.S. and ahead of South Korea, according to a report in the U.K.’s Daily Mail. Israel is the world leader when it comes to spending on research and development (R&D) and the number of researchers in its population.

Israel team wins gold, silver, bronze medals in Asian Physics Olympiad. With 200 competitors from 25 nations, the Israeli team won three medals and was awarded a merit award.